Rear passenger controls for a/c, heat, radio ad movement of front passenger seat Reading lights, individual lights for each occupant Up to 4-passenger 3 medium size bags capacity. Powerful engine Spacious cabin and cargo hold User-friendly infotainment system More-powerful V6 engine now standard All-wheel drive now standard Reshuffled features and trims

Toyota Highlander

Just-right exterior and interior size for many families Standard high-tech safety features Strong V6 engine with good fuel economy Very quiet and pleasantly compliant ride quality Up to 6-passenger 4 medium size bags capacity Extra folding seat for additional luggage 4-Wheels Drive


Chevrolet Suburban & Ford Expedition Spacious seating and abundant cargo space Muscular V8 engine Comfortable ride User-friendly features Complimentary WiFi available Extended passenger compartment Up to 6-passenger 6 medium size bags capacity Fold-down the rear bench for added luggage 4-wheel drive.

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